Commercial and Industrial Electrostatic Painting Services

Electrostatic Painting

Over the years, Callaway Industrial Services, Inc. has taken Industrial Painting to a higher standard with quality workmanship and experience in machine and equipment painting.

Callaway Industrial Services, Inc. can refurbish worn and outdated equipment to appear new again. By using quality coatings and reputable vendors, these coatings will hold up over time under the harshest conditions. We can color match almost any color to create a uniform look in specific areas within your facility. Our team follows strict guidelines of proper preparation of any type of machine, including masking off labels, decals, gauges, floor protection and constant awareness of surrounding working environments.

Callaway Industrial Services, Inc. offers state of the art Electrostatic Painting which gives facilities an added advantage during full production times by eliminating overspray and long drying times that are common with conventional painting methods. Electrostatic painting, also known as “powder coating,” uses the principal of “opposites attract” to create a uniform and durable finish on metal and some plastics without the sags, runs, drips and bubbles which can occur with traditional liquid paints. It’s used on many plastics and every kind of metal.

The process of electrostatic painting is simple in concept and operation. Dry powder comprised of resins and pigments is pneumatically fed from a supply reservoir to a spray gun where a low amperage, high voltage charge is imparted to the powder. The part to be finished is electrically grounded. When sprayed, the charged powder articles are firmly attracted to the grounded part’s surface and held there until melted and fused into a smooth coating in the curing ovens. It’s much more durable than liquid paint and it’s an environmentally friendly process because there are no solvents to evaporate into the air or go down the drain. Different formulations (epoxy, urethane, polyester or a hybrid) are determined by the intended use of the item. For example, urethane and polyester offer the best exterior durability while epoxy is best for corrosion protection and chemical and solvent resistance.

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