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Interior and Exterior Industrial Painting Services

Callaway Industrial is a full service commercial and industrial painting contractor serving the Southeast.

Callaway Industrial has a wealth of specialized experience in rehabilitating and protecting steel structures and concrete for industrial facilities.

Facility Surveys

Callaway Industrial can provide assistance to facility managers for the maintenance of protective coatings. Facility surveys can identify your present coating system, evaluate their current condition, and provide future scheduling and budget information.

An effective coating program can lower facility cost. Coating inspectors on staff provide a high level of knowledge and expertise to our projects.

Industrial Paint Projects:

  • Piping
  • Storage Tanks
  • Plant Interiors / Exteriors
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Any Structure or Equipment Needing to be Protected

Callaway Industrial Services specializes in industrial facility interior and exterior painting. We provide services for machine and equipment painting, ceilings, piping and overhead areas, industrial coatings / corrosion control services, epoxy and urethane high performance coatings, traffic markings, safety lines, aisle striping, plant refurbishing and more.

Industrial Specialty Paint Coatings

Callaway Industrial Services employs certified inspectors for industrial coating applications. We specialize in epoxies, novolac epoxies, urethanes, plural compliant high build coatings, spray systems, vinyl esters (secondary containment), moisture mitigation, injection grouting, rust prevention epoxy [...]

Overhead Structures and Pipe Painting

Having a clean and up to date working environment in your industrial facility is critical. Adding industrial specialty paint coatings to worn looking equipment can return a ‘new construction’ look and feel to your facility. [...]

Plant Refurbishing

Callaway Industrial has been providing plant refurbishing services to some of the Carolina's leading industries since 1975. We cover entire facility project refurbishing, remodel projects and more. Callaway provides equipment and machinery removal services as [...]

Tour Prep and Shutdown Paint Projects

Callaway Industrial specializes in interior and exterior cleaning and painting within industrial facilities. Our tour preparation and shutdown paint project services will have your facility looking like new again. We employ NACE certified team members [...]

Corrosion Control

One of Callaway Industrial Services specialties is helping industrial facilities prevent and solve corrosion issues on steel structures and other metals. Callaway proudly provides corrosion control services adhering to regulatory standards including industrial specialty paint [...]

Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Industrial facility maintenance services by Callaway Industrial keep commercial and industrial businesses running smoothly. Exterior maintenance is a necessity to any property and Callaway Industrial provides a knowledgeable team of industry professionals. Besides exterior cleaning, [...]