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Callaway Industrial Services has taken Industrial Painting to a higher standard with quality workmanship and experience in Machine and Equipment Painting. We can refurbish worn and outdated equipment to appear new again. We use quality epoxies and urethanes from reputable vendors which will hold up over time under harsh conditions.

Machine Cleaning and Painting by Callaway Industrial

Over years of cleaning and painting we have learned proper preparation of many types of machines including masking off labels, gauges, floor protection and remain aware of surrounding working environments.

Callaway can match most any color to create a uniform look in a specific area within your facility. We assist with decal removal and installation as well as relabeling and touch-up painting as needed.

Callaway also offers state of the art Electrostatic Painting which gives facilities an advantage to painting during full production times by eliminating overspray and drying times that occurs with conventional painting methods.

Machine and Equipment Painting is an excellent choice for Tour Prep, Potential Customer Walkthroughs, Color Scheme Changes, Shutdown Refurbishing and Overall Protection of Valued Equipment.

Top 5 Advantages of Machine and Equipment Painting

  • Appearance and Aesthetics
  • Prolong Machine Life By Preventing Rust and Breakdown of Metals
  • Prevent Contamination of Existing Peeling, Blistering and Failing Paint
  • No Overspray, Drift or Fogging
  • Fast Drying
  • Experienced Touch-Up of Existing Paint
  • Commercial and Industrial Dry Ice Blasting Services

Dry Ice Blasting

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Electrostatic Painting

Over the years, Callaway Industrial Services, Inc. has taken Industrial Painting to a higher standard with quality workmanship and experience in machine and equipment painting. Callaway Industrial Services, Inc. can refurbish worn and outdated equipment [...]

  • Callaway Industrial Services is proud to provide corrosion control services including industrial specialty paint coatings, dry ice blasting services and more.

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